Tinaroo Waters Productions, based in North Queensland, Australia, create entertaining and educational DVDs of wildlife in Australia's "Wet Tropics." Jack Leighton, former barramundi fishing and wildlife guide, came to this piece of heaven in 1936, and literally grew up in, and observed everything that moved in the rainforest. These remarkable videos will bring ”dreams and scenes in the wild" into your home.
Rainforest Birds of Australia's "Wet Tropics" DVD
Rainforest Birds of Australia's "Wet Tropics" DVD
Enjoy two hours of uninterrupted viewing. After a brief preamble which explains about the "Wet Tropics" area, and the circumstances related to the production and filming, the birds themselves do the rest.

There is no loud music, and no human voice to be dropped at the crucial moment. Each bird is accompanied by its own call. This makes the DVD a valuable tool for identification, especially as, in the rainforest, birds are often heard, but not seen.

The bird titles are imposed on snippets which depict some of the various flowers, orchids, fruit & fungi which can be found in the rainforest.

AUD$50 within Australia (includes postage and handling)
AUD$55 elsewhere (includes postage and handling)
This 2 disc set is available in both P.A.L and N.T.S.C. Formats.

Next DVD Releases

There are a further 200 plus birds in the 'Wet Tropics" area. We are currently working on these for two future productions: Woodland & Grassland Birds of Australia's "Wet Tropics" and Wetland & Waterbirds of Australia's "Wet tropics". These should become available in late 2008. Watch This Site....

Other Productions Include:

Big Tinaroo Barra DVD
Here is the biggest collection of fighting and jumping Barramundi ever put together. It whets the appetite of any aspiring fisherman. It discloses the how, when, where & why of catching the huge Barra of Lake Tinaroo. The narrative gives an insight into the problems that arise with stocking when job creation takes precedence over stocking. This DVD is currently available through "Freshwater Fishing Magazine", and tackle shops around the world.